Non-emergency patient transport services (NEPTS) are for people who need to travel to or from hospital or a medical appointment but are unable to travel without specialist support. For example, if you struggle to walk or need extra support during your journey due to a medical condition. 

Most people attending a healthcare appointment or using healthcare services are expected to be able to arrange their own transport. This includes arranging journeys with family, friends, neighbours or carers or through private taxi hire. 

This service is for people with a medical need and who don’t require an emergency or urgent response. In a medical emergency, you should call 999. If you have an urgent medical problem and you are not sure what to do, call 111 or visit

Before booking transport with Lifeline Medical Services, please check you are not eligible for NHS transport. Eligibility is determined by your medical need, risks to your health and the medical reason why you cannot use private or public transport. Check if this applies to you: NHS eligibility criteria

Alternatively, you might be able to get your travel costs refunded if:

  • you are not eligible for NHS non-emergency patient transport
  • you can’t afford the cost of travelling to hospital
  • you can’t travel with a friend or relative

Check if this applies to you: Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme 

If you are unsure if you are eligible, ask your GP, or the healthcare professional who referred you to the hospital. 

How do I arrange non-emergency patient transport with Lifeline Medical Services?

We might be able to help if you don’t qualify for non-emergency patient transport through the NHS, or if it’s not available where you live.

We offer non-emergency patient transport for:

  • attending hospital outpatient appointments
  • transfers from independent living to a care home, nursing home, or hospice
  • transfers between two UK addresses e.g. for family occasions, holidays etc
  • transport to specialist clinics.

Our non-emergency patient transport service provides:

  • safe, high-quality care delivered by professional and experienced staff
  • a fully flexible approach
  • reliability and value for money
  • a caring and dignified approach to all patients.

We are committed to delivering reliable high- quality care and all of our team are skilled and caring professionals.

To arrange a journey with us, please contact us using the details at the bottom of this page.  

How will my eligibility be assessed by Lifeline Medical Services?

Lifeline Medical Services do not use the same eligibility criteria as the NHS.  

After contacting us, a member of the Lifeline Medical Services team will contact you within 48 hours to discuss your needs. This information will be used to determine whether your medical and transport needs can be met by Lifeline Medical Services, the type of vehicle required, level of support required from transport staff, and the availability of a suitable vehicle. If someone is calling on your behalf, they can answer these questions on your behalf.

Once my transport is booked, what happens next? 

When you are contacted by a member of the bookings team, they will confirm your journey with you. After this, you don’t need to take any further action, unless advised by Lifeline Medical Services. 

Will my transport pick me up again?

Yes, all patients that need a return journey will have a return journey booked at the same time, if needed.  We are committed to delivering the best possible outcomes for our patients. Our crew will make sure that patients are as settled as possible, and we will wait as long as we need to, even if your appointment is running late.  We will try to collect you for your return journey and get you home as soon as we can. 

What should I bring with me? 

Please be sure to bring any paperwork and medication that you need for your appointment and during your journey. Please sure you bring any paperwork and medication that you need for your appointment and during your journey. Space is limited in the vehicles, so please don’t bring lots of extra luggage.  Depending on the length of your journey, we may advise that you bring meals with you. Our ambulances don’t provide food, but water is available during your journey.  


If your appointment is changed, or you cannot attend your appointment, please contact us as soon as possible to avoid any wasted journeys by our crews or avoidable charges.